Cleopatra Beauty

MAC  for McQueen and Cleopatra

Many fashion designers use films to influence their collection, for example for the 2007 fall collection, MAC collaborated with Alexander McQueen to produce ‘MAC for McQueen’. Inspiration was taken from Elizabeth Taylor in the 1963 film ‘Cleopatra’.  McQueen explained the choice, “The Egyptian influence plays up a very feminine sexual strength that was present in my inspiration for the collection”. Make-up maestro Charlotte Tilbury created a look that would tie in with the Cleopatra theme, “Alexander McQueen was very specific about the makeup direction and I translated his ideas of Egyptian, graphic, bold colored makeup into a look that was strong yet hypnotic; which was very much in the spirit of the show” she revealed.

MAC for McQueen make-up.


MAC for McQueen shoot

Elizabeth Taylor’s take on ‘Cleopatra’ created a make-up ‘moment’ for fashion that has lasted the test of time.  Seen repeatedly at catwalk shows, it started a trend that is instantly recognisable. Who could mistake the vivid blue eye shadow all the way up to the eyebrows, and the thick eyeliner taken far past the usual eye ‘cat eye’ flicks and almost on to the temples. 

Elizabeth Taylor sporting the original look.

At Victoria Beckham’s spring show, the eye make-up had clearly drawn its inspiration straight off the screen.  Charlotte Tilbury who created the look explained the vision behind it, “Victoria wanted a strong makeup statement that really links to fashion so we decided to take the classic Liz Taylor Cleopatra eye and give it a cool, quirky twist.”

Victoria Beckham Spring make-up.


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