Burlesque Collections

Burlesque Collections

‘Burlesque’ is another film that has inspired numerous collections. Starring the heavily made-up Cher and Christina Aguilera, the film champions the cause of Burlesque style make-up and glamour, and is the perfect opportunity for companies to release Burlesque themed make-up collections. The nail polish company OPI, has released a ‘Burlesque nail polish collection’ featuring mega-watt sparkly colours to bring out your inner burlesque queen. Choose from colours such as ‘Rising star’, ‘Take the stage’, ‘The show must go on’ and ‘Ali’s big break‘.  ‘Smashbox’ cosmetics also got in on the act (excuse the pun) releasing a ‘Burlesque Beauty collection’ featuring ‘everything you’ll need to create sultry, show stopping looks inspired by the movie’ . In another Burlesque themed collection, the company ‘Make-up forever’ released a few key items to honor the Burlesque cause:  Theatrical false eyelashes, bright red lipstick and diamond powder eye shadow completes the showgirl compilation.

Burlesque Smashbox Collection and OPI nail polish.

Make-up forever Burlesque Collection


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