Kate Winslet’s make-up in ‘Titanic’. 

This film was a huge, albeit ‘Titanic’ mega blockbuster of a movie. It’s shocking to think that the film itself is now fourteen years old;  it seemed so modern with its use of state-of-the-art digital special effects. At the time it was the most expensive film ever made, costing approximately $200 million. Looking back on the film now,  Leonardo DiCaprio is practically a zygote with his boyish good looks, and Winslet’s acting skills have clearly improved over time.  Yet  the make-up remains to this day a tremendous achievement by Tina Earnshaw, make-up artist to Kate Winslet.  Kate plays ‘Rose DeWittbukater’ , a young woman who feels lost in her unfulfilling life and loveless yet financially secure engagement, till she meets adventurous Jack Dawson (Leonardo) on the Titanic and begins a love affair with him.  The soppy ending teamed with Celine Dion vocals tugged at many heart strings the world over, and made Winslet and DiCaprio huge stars as well as raking in the money.   Winslet’s incredible ‘English Rose’ style make-up, perfectly porcelain skin and rosebud mouth shows off Tina Earnshaw’s make-up talents.

As seen on ‘Make-up411’. Foundation:
1W Make-up Forever, Camelia Prescriptives Custom Blend, Estee Lauder Lucidity in Pale Ivory.
Enormous amounts of powder by T. Le Clerc in Lilium to set the Alabaster Foundation.
Lancome Rose Crème Blush on her eye bone and chin, Soft Rose by Christian Dior.
Eye Shadow:
Yves St. Laurent Touche Eclat Corrector and Sochet Soft Browny Pink Contour used for under the eyes and on her lids. Over the contouring Tina used Bogard Maquillage pink powder shadow in Pink Rose.
Eye Liner:
Brown eyeliner dotted very close to her lashes, Softly smudged Kohl.
Body Shop Colourless Mascara.
Body Shop No. 2 and Yves St. Laurent No. 6
Highlights / Countour:
Under her cheekbones and under her chin using Joe Blasco Shading 1.
Additional Information:
Body Makeup- Dior Body Make-up, with Le Clerc Orchid Powder over top.

Just to remind you all, Heres the trailer.


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