The Notebook

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams famous onscreen chemistry in this tear invoking romance was legendary.  When a young man named Noah (Gosling) falls for wealthy, beautiful Allie Calhoun (McAdams) their love seems hopeless as Allie’s parents refuse to let her fall for a poor, labouring boy. However, once they have both grown up they find their way back in to each other’s lives and love once again prevails. The film itself is ridiculously soppy and lovey-dovey. However this is its charm, and having won several prestigious awards including MTV’s best onscreen kiss, the film will always be renowned as the perfect chick flick. Rachel McAdams looks like a classic Hollywood starlet in the movie with bold red lips and a strong lash line using individual false lashes. Noticeably at the beginning of the movie when ‘Allie’ is somewhat younger, the make-up is pared down by simply taking away the red lipstick and false lashes.

Here’s what the artist used to create such a flawless look:

As seen on ‘Make-up411’ : Skin Care
Dr. Hauschka Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive Ampules, La Mer Eye Balm and La Mer Face Cream.
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. Gerda Spillmann Biofond Foundation in Weekend and Apres Chic.
Amazing Cosmetics Concealer in Light with Golden Light.
Paula Dorf Pressed Powder in Vanilla and Amazing Cosmetics Powder Set.
Stila Rose and Petunia, Gerda Spillmann blush in Crimson.
Eye Shadow
M.A.C. cream-colored shades like Brule or Mylar from lid to brow. Paula Dorf Eye Color in Safari.
Eye Liner
M.A.C. Crème liner in Black with Paula Dorf Transformer.
Maybelline Expert Eyes in Blonde and Dark Brown pencils.
Maybelline Waterproof Great Lash mascara in Black coasted top lashes only.
False Lashes
Individual lashes were applied to the top outer corners of lash line.
M.A.C. Rosewood lip pencil, Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm. Paula Dorf lip pencil in Carousel and Paula Dorf lipstick in Gorgeous.


 Watch the trailer here.


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