Famous Make-up


Chanel Rouge Noir nail polish

Who wasn’t fixated by Uma Thurman’s portrayal of ‘Miss Mia Wallace’ in the blockbuster ‘Pulp Fiction’?  Mia’s slinky dark bob and hypnotising eyes captivated audiences,  not to mention her quirky one-liners such as, “I’ll be down in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.” The whole look was pulled together by her devilish deep red nails, the iconic Chanel ‘Rouge Noir’.  Chanel’s original nail colour (later re-named ‘Vamp’) was created to be the exact colour of dried blood and in its first year alone sales grew to $1 million dollars.  Such was the success of the polish, that a lipstick was also created in the very same colour. When ‘Pulp Fiction’ was released in the UK, a three month waiting list arrived along with it for Chanel Rouge Noir’ nail polish. The sell-out product even became newsworthy, featuring on CNN.






  But this was not the first time a product or cosmetic company has been popularised by a film.  The immergence of MAC ‘Spice’ lip liner caused quite a stir in the nineties, and was hailed as a cult product as well as a universal colour. It made its way in to thousands of ‘Ultimate beauty Product’ guides in magazines, such as ‘Vogue’, ‘Marie Claire’ and ‘Elle’. Make-up artists have used the liner in a huge amount of films, labelling it as ‘the perfect nude’. MAC Senior Artist Caroline Donnelley revealed why the liner has so many fans,”This lip liner became iconic in the nineties because of super model Linda Evangelista who swore by it. She still says of the liner that it has been a staple throughout her career. When we think of the nude toffee lip synonymous with the nineties supermodel (which is still in trend now) this is the colour that hits the spot. It is a colour perfect for this look but also is versatile enough to wear with brighter colours, such as orange, browner tones, and lighter colours blended in.” It was used on Mena Suvari in ‘American Beauty’, Gwyneth Paltrow in ‘The talented Mr Ripley’and Neve Campbell in ‘Scream’, as well as being a favourite of the nineties power supermodel Brooke Shields, and the biggest pout in Hollywood (if not the world) Angelina Jolie. The liner still has millions of devotees all over the world.  


Mena Suvari sporting MAC Spice Lip Liner

Next up, it’s the number one mascara in America and most people will tell you it was the ‘first mascara they ever bought’. The stand-out packaging with its garish clash of pink and green ensures that it captures your eye in the aisles of Boots.  Yes, Maybelline’s own ‘Great Lash mascara’, as used on Rachel McAdams in the weepy romance, ‘The Notebook’. (McAdams wore the waterproof version, as crying featured in practically every scene). It was also applied on Meryl Streep in ‘The Devil wears Prada’, Drew Barrymore in ‘Charlie Angels: Full throttle’, and most recently on Christina Aguilera in ‘Burlesque’. Fans also include Pamela Anderson, who incidentally is also a fan of MAC Spice lip liner. Models such as Chanel Iman have claimed it as their personal favourite: “I always carry around some mascara—the old-fashioned Maybelline. It’s better than the expensive stuff. And it makes lashes really long,”.



Maybelline Great Lash mascara.


 Ever wondered why Jennifer Garner is so glowing and youthful? Look no further than iconic product ‘Crème de la Mer’, the face crème that promises miracles. Stars such as Katherine Heigl in ’27 dresses’, Jessica Simpson in ‘Dukes of Hazzard’, and yet again Rachel McAdams in ‘The Notebook’. Other celebrity fans include Kim Kardashian, renowned for her perfect skin. There is a story behind this jar of wonder. As the press bumpf has it ‘Pioneering the use of sea kelp in skincare and mastering the art of bio-fermentation, he created the Miracle Broth™ – the seaborne elixir that powers the legendary Crème de la Mer’.  This sounds more like a potion than a description of a face cream, a 30ml pot of Crème de la Mer will set you back £94. Let’s hope it lives up to the fairy tale.




 Ever since the world became obsessed with vampires (Thanks, ‘Twilight’) tanning went out, and pale came in.   ‘Twi-hard’ fans are all obsessed over how to get the pale ‘Bella’ look used in the film.  According to online beauty shop FeelUnique.com, after the film’s release, sales of white face powder went up by 200%, with L’Oreal reporting its sales of ‘L’Oreal true match powder’ in Rose Ivory, going up by 133%.   MAC saw their chance to jump in and get their monies worth, releasing a line called ‘Pale n’ Dandy’ featuring products to achieve a pale, ethereal look.  And just to cement its obvious popularity, a ‘Twilight’ make-up line was released, featuring sets and make-up palettes with mandatory names like ‘Team Edward’ and ‘Team Jacob’. As expected, the products flew off the shelves, with the ‘First light face glow’ completely selling out in the US.


Twilight Beauty Palette in 'Team Edward'.



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